Losartan Potassium 50Mg & Atenolol 50Mg


Average Market Price: Rs.93.5

Salt Name: Losartan Potassium 50Mg & Atenolol 50Mg

Pack Size: 10 TAB

General Uses: ?blood vessels so that blood can flow more easily around your body. It also blocks the effects of some chemicals on your heart and blood vessels. This slows down your heart rate and helps the heart beat with less force. As a result, your blood pressure is lowered and this helps in reducing your risk of having a stroke, a heart attack, other heart problems, or kidney problems in the future. This medicine needs to be taken regularly to be effective, so keep taking it even if you feel well. Do not stop without talking to your doctor..

Bristan AT Tablet,Tozaar-AT Tablet,Lotpol AT 50mg/50mg ,Etotan-AT 50mg/50mg,Atol L 50mg/50mg


Seller: Dava Store (CR)


General Uses: ?Hypertension (High Blood Pressure).




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